Feature Highlights

There are many reasons to choose RateTag, here are a few highlights:

Over 9 Business Models

Multi-Cart Capable

Powerful Catalog Search

Category Agnostic

Schemaless, Flexible Database

Smart Checkout

BigData Analytics

Similarity Engine

Mobile, Web & API Ready

feature rich, read on...

Supported Business Models

Over 9 business models supported in one platform.

B2C Retail Online Store

Run your own online store, manage inventory, take orders and fulfill orders yourself.

B2C Retail Marketplace

Run an online marketplace, invite sellers, facilitate ordering and let sellers fulfill orders.

B2B Wholesale Online Store

Run your own wholesale trading business online with advanced trading features such as MOQs, Multiples, Kitting etc. Fulfill bulk orders yourself.

B2B Wholesale Marketplace

Run an online wholesale trading platform. Extend advanced selling capabilities to other wholesalers and distributors. Let sellers fullfill orders.

Demand Aggregation and Lead Generation

Run a product/service discovery platform. Solicit leads for sellers to respond in structured manner. Take orders online for 3rd party fulfillment.

Price Comparison & Recommendation

Run a product discovery, feature & price comparison engine. Earn referral/affiliate income through CPA, CPV, CPT, CPS partnerships.

Proximity Commerce

Bring customers and suppliers closer with our in-built geo-tagging and proximity sensing capabilities. Launch a Proximity based online marketplace to facilitate business for nearby sellers.

Aggregation/Marketplace of Marketplace

Club two instances of our software to aggregate inventory from multiple suppliers in backend reverse-marketplace and remarket it on consumer facing forward-marketplace in opaque manner.

Flash Sale/Group Buying

Run an online flash sale business or a price-break based group buying business with in-built time-based inventory and tiered pricing models.

many other models supported, talk to us..

Features For Customers

Features for an optimum shopping experience

Multi-Cart, Family Cart

Ability to create multiple carts. Add family members and create cart for each member.

Easy Checkout

Easy checkout with optimized address selection and online payments.

Powerful Search

Powerful and intelligent catalog search with dynamic facets, sorting, keyword matching, boosting and highlighting. Makes product discovery fast.

Online Wallet

Online Wallet for customer with expirable balances. Option to use wallet balance in part or whole during checkout.

Reward Points

In-built rewards program that gives reward point for various type of transactions and engagements. Earn and burn options pre-built in platform.

Similarity Engine

A similarity engine promotes similar products to customer while they look at any product. Enhances shopping experience.

Secure Account

Secure online account with orders' dashboard, personal message inbox, address book, rewards statement, wallet statement, service requests and other CRM tools.

Ultra-Fast Speed

Fast rendering of content for superior user-experience. Best practices based catalog management and delivery reduces download stress on shoppers.

Responsive Layouts

Customers can shop from any device. The platform adapts to device resolution with in-built responsive templates and themes.

hundreds of other customer centric features, ask us..

Features For Sellers

Powerful tools for amateur as well as evolved sellers

Self-Signup, Profile Management

Sellers can sign-up online, perform KYC, manage their seller profile online in self-service mode.

Advanced Offer Management

Based on allowed business model, sellers have basic to advanced offer management capabilities.

Online Order Fulfillment

Online workflow for order fulfillment with automated waybill and invoice creation, serial # tracking, shipment manifests, tracking etc.

Fixed and Variable Marketplace Fee

Fixed marketplace fee at global and product levels. Seller-specific fee discounts. Option for sellers to bid additional marketplace fee for greater visibility on marketplace.

Bulk Tools

Bulk management tools for offers and products. Bulk enable, disable and extension of offers. Bulk statement download.

Geographical Restrictions

Option for seller to restrict orders from select geographies.

Seller APIs

RESTful Seller APIs for programmatic management of products, offers, account and statements.

Real-time Performance Analytics

A real-time analytics dashboard that shows account performance, revenue, marketing spends, fulfillment performance and seller scores.

Order Transfer

Ability to transfer one or more orders to other sellers in marketplace in case a seller is unable to fulfill the order.

tons of other seller features, connect with us..

Features For Administrator

Our administration features let you manage almost every feature of software online

Multi-Sites, Virtual Hosting, Micro-Sites

Host multiple websites or micro-sites on common platform instance. Reuse catalog. Manage sitewise configurations online.

User Management

Manage users online. Enable/disable accounts. Manage access control.

Catalog Management

Manage product catalog online. Moderate catalog uploaded by sellers. Manage product media online.

In-Built Content Management System

In-Built CMS allows online creations of new landing pages and management of existing web pages.

Navigation Tree

Our unique navigation tree management feature allows you to manage sitewide navigation trees online.

Order Management

Order management from super-user perspective. Order moderation and exception management.

Micro APIs

RESTful Micro APIs for programmatic management of various data objects or integration with other software.

Real-time Performance Analytics

A real-time analytics dashboard that shows system performance, revenue, etc.

Maintenance Functions

Manage search indexes, cache and other technical objects online using one-click functions.

putting admin in full control..

More Features

Many other useful features based on industry best practices

In-Built Scheduler and Schedules

Our platform has in-built scheduler that runs periodic tasks on preset schedules. Schedules can be changed, enabled/disabled by administrator.

Templating Engine

A templating engine that lets you create new templates based on foundation templates. Also allows you to create variations of an existing template by changing select files only.

Attribute and Attribute Group Management

Manage product attributes and attribute-groups. Change attribute groups any time without discarding undesired attribute meta data.

Online Translations

Multi-lingual support with online management of message bundles. In-panel translation of messages using Google Translate APIs.

Unlimited Locales and Combinations

Create as many locales as desired. System will automatically pick a locale from user preferences which can be overridden by user any time.

Robust Security, Social Media Sign-On

Robust security insfrastructure under the hood. Also allows single sign-up and sign-on with popular Social Media sites.

Dynamic Facetization and Tokenization

Our search technology allows dynamic facetization of product catalog so that you may build any number of intelligent filters in catalog.

Auto Suggest, Auto Correct

Auto-suggest feature helps user identify products and keywords as they begin search. Auto-correct feature corrects misspelled keywords from dictionary.

BigData Analytics

System records user behavior in BigData compliant database for batch analysis of user behavior, preferences, personalization and suggestions.

new features every week..visit us often.

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